How can I see a list of the user names in group membership?

I'm managing group membership. When I go to a group I want to see a list of the user names that are members. All I see now is their picture, if they have one. I don't necessarily know these people. Even if there is a picture, I need to hover over the icon to see who it is. How do I see it as a list of names?

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  • AmyO
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    This does need to be requested by your Customer Success Manager.  If you would like the Domo Admin Excel Plugin, reach out to your CSM and they can request the needed information.


  • AS
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    On the admin screen there is not a way to see a list of names.  However, there is an Excel plugin you can get from Domo that allows you to download administrative data like that:

    domo admin plugin.PNG


    There could be ways to automate this data so you can view it in cards as well. You might want to get in touch with your consultant or account executive or success manager and have them connect you with the right people and tools.


    Let us know what you find out!

  • sdr
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    One of my coworkers responded to this perfectly. Domo is a yin-yang blend of really cool stuff and "what were you thinking?"

  • Any insight as to how to access the Domo Admin plugin?  I recall that it isn't as simple as going to tool downloads in the Admin panel but am having dificulty tracking down the correct information.





  • AS
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    If I recall it was my customer success manager that worked it out for me.  I don't think this plugin is a mainstream thing yet, so it might have bee the labs team that put it together for some customers.