Need a dataset - Global Company Headcounts

Hello Community!  


I need to do some research related to company headcount global footprints.  I was wondering if anyone in the community knows of a source for that data.  A few years ago, a team pulled it together manually from Forbes, but I'm sure there is a dataset somewhere that contains this information.  


Does anyone know how to get this information or are you looking for something similar?  





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    Hi @DataMaven

    Are you looking for a list of companies with their employee counts?


    You can individually check LinkedIn or Glassdoor pages as well as company websites.  In the US you should also be able to find SEC filings for publicly traded companies, and those documents should list employee counts.  

    But that's all done one at a time, which you probably don't want.  I did a bunch of searching online and couldn't find anything more than a list of the top 10 or 15 global employers. This data is proving to be more difficult to find than I would have supposed.


    The bureau of labor statistics might have some US data at


    Hopefully someone here has a better answer for us.

  • Thank you @AS


    I really appreciate you checking and providing some leads.  It's good to know that it's not some obvious datasource that I've missed!  


    The biggest challenge of this endeavor is that I need the headcounts of the companies by country.  Everything I have found to be readily available has been either a rolled up total or just the US.  


    The search continues...