Is there a way to create a bar graph showing metrics measured in both $ and % at the same time?


  • Are you wanting the same bar to display both the $ and %?


    You can try using the Data Label Settings in the analyzer. 

    Use the macros "%_VALUE | %_PERCENT_OF_CATEGORY"





  • Thank you Scott-Thompson. I'm looking for a way to show progress on multiple initiatives on the same graph. Some initiatives are measured by percentage and a few are measured in Dollars. Currently I can show either dollars or percentage using the data lable tools you recommended however as they are not all measured in the same way the graph appears incomplete.

  • Try adding a second Value Scale.  You then want the $ value fields to be on one scale and the % fields on the other scale.1.png


  • I like the idea! My chart properties don't seem to be the same as what you have below. hmmm.. I have Value scale X and Category Scale Y. 

  • You will need to use the "Grouped Bar" chart type