Card not showng last few rows of data from Google Sheets

I have a card connected to a simple google shhet where the first field is date. he card has a date filter, and  My users have reported that they are not seeing data from October, which is the last 7 lines in the Google Sheet. Looking at the data source in Data Center I can see that the data has been imported, and other cards with different views show that there's data from October, but that one particular card doesn't show anything.


Can anyone point me in the right directon to look for a solution?


  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • Hello!


    A couple of the things that I would check first would be the date range, to make sure that the range doesn't end on October 6th. Also, I would check the filters on the card, and make sure that the data is not being filtered out because of another column. 


    If the filters are not removing the data, and the date range is correct in Analyzer and on the details view of the page, I would rebuild the card from scratch, and copy over all of the fields and filters and the date range and see if that fixes it. 


    If you still need assistance if those don't work, feel free to contact Domo Support by going to and opening a ticket in the customer portal.



    Josh Thorn

    Domo Support

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