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Wondering if we have the ability to change some settings behind the "Send / Export" option for users with access rights of "Participant"?  (attachment contains some screen shots)


In short, I do not want users to be able to email certain cards. 


I appreciate the fact that a "Participant" user cannot invite users, or edit/create cards.  This is extremely helpful in protecting sensitive data.  However, after some testing, I found that a "Participant" can still choose to "Send / Export".  This isn't so great, I was able to email a card to an email address outside of our organization, and the email contained the card.  I could not get into domo with this email and directly access the data, however, the email itself still contained the card with sensitive information.  


Can we modify the options to exclude the "email" or even shut off the entire send/export function for users with "Participant" access rights? 



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    Anyone can help out with this request?



  • @miken12r as discussed in this thread from 2017; has there been any further development on custom roles? 

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    Not sure if it's still in beta or not, but you do or will have the ability to turn off exporting using the custom roles feature in the admin settings:

    custom role.PNG

    The above is the default participant access level.  You could create/copy this role and remove the exporting capability.  You can also change which role has the default setting, so this new role will be standard and everyone with that access will have exporting turned off.

  • Very helpful @AS!! 


    Would still like to know when this will be released, we currently do not have this feature.

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    We haven't been given timelines but we've had it for a couple months, so my guess is it will become standard sooner rather than later.  We have found a couple of bugs, so I'm sure there will be a few things for them to iron out before releasing from beta.