Urgent help: DOMO-JIRA connection

Hello Experts,


I have connected my DOMO to JIRA and connection is successful but I am facing issues with any kind of "Issue Query". I am able to run it succesfully for Projects etc. but when I use Issue Query and use even DOMO's default query, its is failing with this error "Domo is ready, but Jira failed to return the requested data with a 502 Bad Gateway error. Please try again later."


Please help with resolution.


  • Hi Elseth,


    We exclusively run Issue Queries through Jira and they are working as expected.


    A 502 error is usually something out of your control but there are a few things you can check. I suggest reading through this post.




    Alternatively, I may try to setup a new Jira Account in Domo and double check to make sure the "Server URL" is correct.






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