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Is there a way to track users who have never logged in to Domo?  I have a card that tracks inactivity, but it doesn't appear to track people who have never logged in.

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  • swagner
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    I am tracking this as follows.


    • I have an Excel list of my Domo users
    • I created a Magic ETL blended my list of users with the DomoStats Activity Log
    • The ETL provides a count of the field Action = LOGGEDIN for each user
    • I then produced a card, and filtered on users with 0 in this count


  • @tleong

    Depending on how long you've had Domo, you could use the Activity log for this. The activity log will only go back 120 days, so if you have users who logged in before then, it wouldn't confirm that for you. moving forward, if you exported the Activity Log from the Admin Settings for the last 120 days and pulled it into a DataFlow, you could set a Domostats "Activity Log" DataSet to append to it and that would give you all activity on the account. You could even filter down to just logins if you wanted to speed it up.


    Unfortunately, anything before that 120 days won't be accounted for, but it could give you a relatively big window and ensure that you can track any users that haven't logged in since.


    (you could also use this activity log to identify when users were created so that you could identify which users this method should apply to. Hopefully it at least narrows down the pool of people you'd need to verify with directly.)

  • jstan
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    Just be careful on the LOGGEDIN command if you use Single Sign On.  The activity log does not always capture mobile usage with the LOGGEDIN command at least with us using SSO.  We sometimes look at the VIEWED command in combination with LOGGEDIN (or the SSO equivilent) to capture all daily usage.  Either way, you should at least get one LOGGEDIN the first time they use Domo.

  • Hey @tleong,


    Actually, I was poking around at it and you could use the "People" DataSet from Domostats. It has a "Last Logged In" Date that is NULL if they have never logged in. That would be the simplest way to identify users who have never logged in.

  • @tleong


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  • Where do you get the "People" dataset under DomoStats?  We only have Activity Log.

  • @tleong you should be able to change it in the "Details" tab in the Settings or when you create a new one you'll have a drop down with "People" as an option.