Can I use Calculated Variable (Beast Mode Variable) in Stacker?

Hello All,


I want to use beast mode created variable in Stacker. . Is there any option of doing that. I have tried but couldnt find anything about it. 

Any help is much appreciated.

This feature should be added.. It would definitely make Stacker App more useful.....


Thanks in advance



  • A stacker output is essentially a data table just like any other dataflow output, so you should be able to make beast modes wtih stacker datasets.

    There may need to be more conditional statements in your beast mode like sum(case when `column` = value ...) than you're used to.

  • Yes, I am creating a variable in with an aggregration function and sharing it in the dataset. Then while trying to load the dataset in Stacker, I dont see this variable that I created. This means Stacker doesnt allow beasted  variable ( I like using this adjective for an output of Beast mode ? )

  • Oh, my apologies, you mean the other way around.  

    Beast Modes built on cards and shared on datasets are what they call pseudo columns.  They only exist at runtime, not as permanent columns on the dataset.  They can't be used in dataflows.  But you can basically rebuild the calculations inside the dataflow, too, after all the stacker logic is done.

  • Hello ,

    Thanks for revisiting my question. Yes I know the dataflow way of making any variable available for Stacker. But I was wondering if there was a way to use pseudo columns ( as you mentioned) directly in Stacker.. Is this possible to be added as a feature.. It would really make Developer's life much easier ?


  • No. The beast modes really only work on the card level, not the dataset level.

    I recommend adding the idea to the Ideas Exchange here as well as submitting it to the product team through your Domo menu feedback option.

  • Can I just ask as I'm unaware and can't find anything on it, what is "Stacker" in relation to Domo?