Why is my target value going away when I add filters to my gauge?

I am trying to create a filled gauge to show my sales reps revenue in relation to their goals.  I have sucessfully created it, but when I add filters to the card the target line is no longer there.  I can't figure out why, I am using a radial gauge in the interim and setting the ranges for their goals, but as they change I will have to go back and manually change them, which I am trying to avoid doing by using the target value field in the first place.

This is the gauge without filters


This is the gauge when I add the filter

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    Okay, so Domo does not recognize filtering on NULL values, which is why your target is not showing. You should write a beastmode and filter on that. Something like ... 


    case when `Deleted` is null then 'Goal' else `Deleted` end 

    Then you can filter on 'Goal' and 'No' and your goal target should show. I just tried it and it worked in my instance.


    Hope this helps,




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  • Hello Catherin,


    Without seeing the structure of your dataset it is hard to tell but my assumption is when you are filtering, you are removing all of the rows where your target value exists leaving you with 0. I just completed a similar test knowing my data is formatted something like this ... 


    Name   Metric    Goal

    BD        100         90

    CS         200         150 

    AJ           90           70


    When I create a gauge I am able to sum the metric and the goal to receive an all in gauge value and target. Then I am able to add filters for each individual name and I still see the value and target of each row.  


    Hope this helps,




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  • Thank you for responding,


    I have the metric and the goal set as a sum already, and have not been able to get any filter to allow the target line to stay.  I am going to have to figure out another way to do this I think.



  • Hi Catherin,


    What I was implying is that when you filter it is removing the values of your goal, meaning the actual data of your goal exists in the rows you are filtering out. Is this the case? If you can send a snippet of what your raw data looks like it would help to figure out what the issue is.





  • Oh, that makes sense actually.  This is my data, I had been filtering Deleted is N, so I changed the filter to be blank and N but the target value still disappears.  The other filter would be New is True, and that one removes the target as well.  I don't get why, but the same thing happens when I put filters on any of the cards that I am using the goal numbers on.  So far I have tried, the comparative fill gauge, filled, progress bar, and bullet table.

    Sales RepDateNewRetailTotal GoalNew GoalDeletedBlank Copay Field
    ACOSTA, CRISTINA1-Sep-2018  9300090000 Not Filled
    ACOSTA, CRISTINA7-Sep-2018True0  YNot Filled
    ACOSTA, CRISTINA19-Sep-2018True0  NNot Filled
    ACOSTA, CRISTINA17-Sep-2018True1160.84  NFilled
    ACOSTA, CRISTINA11-Sep-2018False90  NFilled
    ACOSTA, CRISTINA20-Sep-2018True4279  NFilled
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