ETL Join by "Contains" function

When Joining in ETL, Is there a way to join by a "contain's" option?


For Example - I am Joining by part number, however one set of data contains a revision level.

So I have (A) 47100-15000 & (B) 47100-15000-A


This is common throughout the dataset, is there any way to set the join when matching (A) & (B) to join when (B) contains (A)?


  • Hello,


    I have a few questions to gain clarification about your ask.


    Are the fields called A and B or is that part of the string? In other words are you trying to join

    '(A) 47100-15000' = '(B) 47100-15000-A'


    '47100-15000' = '47100-15000-A'


    If it's the latter, you can do something like 


    select a.A
    from tablea a
    left join tableb b ON b.B LIKE CONCAT('%', a.A,'%')

    Hope this helps,




  • Thank you for the response, do you know of any way to have this work with ETL?  My guess is no but curious to see if there was anyway.

  • There does not seem to be a way to complete these in ETL.