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Is it possible to show multiple data labels from macros on a chart, such as in the attached image?

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    You should be able to enter to separate macros in the same data label. I have done it before. 


    For example

    %_SERIES_NAME %_VALUE     would return

    "Name Value"


    You can add delimiters and spaces to break up the returns

    %_SERIES_NAME - %_VALUE     would return

    "Name - Value"


    And can even add line breaks

    %_SERIES_NAME <br> %_VALUE     would return





  • I don't think so, they are pretty limited. What you could do is use the "Show Total Label" in the Data Label show the value w/o using the macro...then just use the Series Name as the only macro.  You'd get both values with just one macro. - matt

  • Thanks, but I don't see a "Show Total Label" in the Data Label Settings of a horizontal grouped bar chart.

  • My fault.  Yes, you are right.  


    Could you just show the total in the macro, then just reference the legend for the series name?  Does the full value of those acronyms there not fit?

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