How can I connect a csv file that is 4 GB in size?



I have a very large (4 GB) csv file that I'd like to bring in to Domo but it exceeds all the size limits that I've tried.  What would be the best way to accomplish this?

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    What methods have you tried that you're having trouble with?

    Generally speaking, Domo doesn't care much how large files are.  While you might not be able to open that file in a textpad or Excel type application, Domo should be able to grab that file either from Workbench or through the CSV connector.



  • Thanks Aaron!


    I had initially tried workbench and it gave me a vauge error so I took it to mean that the file was too large. It turns out that the headers in the file were not properly formated - there were a few blanks and duplicates.  After fixing the headers to be unique it took about 10 minutes but workbenched uploaded the file without any problems. 


    Thanks again for help!

  • As an additional note to this - Something annoying I have found.  The newer file uploader has a size limitation.  I don't recall the exact size, but it was pretty small.