XML Importing 1 Row

When I use the Domowork bench to push an xml file to a data set, it will import every attribute as a new column thus making it 800ish columns x 1 Row and incrementing the column name by 1. Is there any fix for this ? I dont have this issue when manually importing it using XML easy but I need the schedueling feature that workbench creates. 





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    It took me a bit to get my XML jobs coming in correctly. 


    It might be the Flattening Options setting, found on the Source menu.  I have mine set to 'Deep' instead of 'None' or 'Wide'


    Does that help?


  • Hi Aaron,


    Do you have a screen shot of those settings?  I am not able to find it in the source menu in Workbench.





  • Hi Aaron,

    I only see those options for JSON, not for XML.  Am Imissing something?

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    My file is actally JSON, the job is set to XML type, and the settings are as attached