Something went wrong getting data! What does it mean? What to do about it?

Someone else previously imported the data source.  My first time trying to run it in Settings.  If I click Save it just reuploads the previous iteration (which I can confirm by comparative row counts).   How do I get help with this error?   Thank you.


  • What connector are you using?  


    Is it using the other person's credentials to pull in the refreshed data?  You may need to update the settings with your credentials.  


    If it's not a credentialed connector, and you are appending, check the field contents vs. field formats.  Look for fields in the Domo upload which are date and number fields.  Check the new dataset for text values in these fields.  


    If neither of these help, please provide more info for us to help solve this issue.  


    Best of luck!


  • Can you supply some information about the type of data connector being used and possibly some screenshots of the settings?