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I am having trouble getting the sum of the value to display in my dynamic textbox. The only options I see that are even close to what I need is to choose the macro as %_FIRST_VALUE or %_MAXIMUM_VALUE. 


All I want to do is get the sum of the value for all of the categories. That way once I filter on the category level the values will change accordingly.


Any help on this issue?


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  • Godiepi
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    You can create a Blank Label beastmode to use as the Category in the settings of the Dynamic Textbox

    that way there will be only 1 value to display

    Beastmode = ' '

    ..... or you can  use a regular TextBox card


  • Are you using the text box as part of the Dashboard layout?  Or the card "Text Box" card type?


    If you are using the Dashboard layout, you can select the kind of aggregation to be performed:1.png


  • @ST_-Superman-_   I think we were both replying at the same time ?


    anyways, I notice you have the option to create a summary number within a textbox in a dashboard design ? I don't see that option in my instance ... is it in beta ? also the ability to select the Text font ?


    this is what I have : Screen Shot 05-15-19 at 03.05 PM.PNG

  • Apologies.  It is very possible that is a part of a beta I am participating in.  I forget which beta programs have gone live and which are still not fully available yet.

  • Oh no problem , Domo is who needs to apologize because we are in the beta program too and don't see that option available for us LOL
  • Ha.  Talk to @chucki to get added to the beta emails and he will keep you updated on what's available as they release the betas.  You have to opt in to each beta program separately.  

  • Great thanks this worked!

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