Assigning colors based on chart value

Is there a way to assign charts colors based on a value in the data set, for example instead of colors being assigned based on the order they are in the series they are based on a value. If i have several products i want the product to always have the same color no matter where it falls in the order of the series based on filters. 


  • As far as conditional formatting, you can only do that on Sumo table cards. 


    However, I think for this scenario you can either include a 'SortOrder' column in your dataset or create a beast mode column to do the same and sort your chart by that SortOrder column to keep the series order the same and assign the colors you want to each series. This has worked for me before. 

  • Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately that does not solve my issue, when i filter and i dont have all the same products as the unfiltered set it changes the colors still. Ill keep exploring options. 

  • Presently, assigning colors based on a chart value is not possible and are assigned by Series.  If this would be a useful enhancement, you are encouraged to visit to submit this as an Enhancement Idea for a future release. 



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  • @zmbaker, did any of the above responses help address your issue?