How to change the date range for a card in the Android app?

In the iOS app in the full screen view of a card there's a button underneath the card title to change the date range, but the Android app doesn't seem to have this. One of our users on an android phone somehow changed the date range to "all time" but can't seem to reset it. Is there another way to reset it to the default range set when the card was built or change the date range that we're missing?

Best Answer


  • Do you know if they changed the date range at the PAGE level filters? I think those are the only ones that might save because if you view a single card, change the range (as a user, not as an admin changing the cards default), once you exit out of the full view it goes back to the default.


    Here you can see I have saved page filters on, which can impact the card when I click into it.


    You can click the up arrow in the bottom right (where I highlighted in red) which will open up the following menu to change the PAGE level filters



    On each card you should be able to interact as follows, without it saving the date range. Click the date range which is highlighted in red



    It will bring up the menu to change the date range while you're viewing this specific card, this should reset once you close out of the card.