To create Pivot table based detail Report in DOMO

How can i create reports based on Pivot Tables bsed Detail Report same as used in Excel Sheets or SSRS Reports?

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    You're right, Sumo is limited in a strict comparison to pivot tables.

    As far as aggregations go, you can sum, average, count, count unique, min, and max.  Those are the default options, which you can find by clicking on the Value header in the table.

    You can use custom beast mode calculations, like dividing two columns, but Domo hasn't opened up beast mode editing in Sumo cards yet.  What you have to do there is create a beast mode on another card for that dataset, and share the beast mode on the dataset.  Then open up your Sumo card and use your calculation there.

    I'm not quite sure what you mean by the second comment, but parent/child groupings will follow the order they've placed as categories to the card.  If Product Line is put above Country, the aggregations will show categories of countries for each product line.  The reverse is true if Country is above Product Line: aggregations will show categories of product lines per country.


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    Pivot table-based datasets can be difficult to ingest and work with in Domo.  It's best to upload the raw data.

    As far as building pivot-like reports goes, have you looked at Sumo cards yet?  That's the closest thing you'll find to a pivot chart in Domo. You'll start building one from the "Add card > Design" menu.

  • I have tried using SUMO for creating Pivot tables but it do not give me option the perform Aggregation/Mathematical functions Such as finding Average, divide 2 columns to get new result while on the build area, on the values.


    It only does sum of all the values and also it is very dumb to understand the Grouping of the Criteria Fields based on parent and child Grouping.

  • Thank You Aaron for your suggestions.


    I will try to explore more based on your suggestion however i can find lot of limitations in using DOMO as far as my requirements. :( 

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    You're welcome!

    If your success requirements include that your solution must closely mimic pivot tables, that's not really Domo's intended purpose or main use case.  There are likely many ways to visualize your KPIs, though.  

    In my past life I implemented dozens of new Domo clients. The most successful were always those who focused on their business objectives but were creative with the way they reached their BI goals.  For example, replicating existing reports from legacy systems was a common obstacle to that creativity, but it was born out of a feeling of doing business the way it had always been done.  A new solution like Domo can provide a fresh start.

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