Beast Mode If Statement

Looking of help with a Beast Mode.  What is the Beast Mode for including in the "count" only "Yes" answers included on a domo synced Google Sheet.  I tried this:


when `Offer Made` is not null and 'Offer Made` = 'Yes' then `1`
else 0


But it was "invalid"


I have a vertical group bar chart that show the count of interviews completed and another color for offers made from that same interview.  I only want "Yes" responses to be included in the series.


Card:  X Axis: Office ---- Y Axis: Count of Interviews ----- Series: Offer Made (Offer made is either Yes, No, or Blank)

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  • guitarhero23
    Accepted Answer

    Now, it would be hard to show the count of all interviews and also show only those that had offers on a single bar chart so if you're not already use something like a grouped bar using the above formula




  • A couple things:

    • Remove the single quotes from around the 1. You want it to be the number one, to use for sums, not the string 1
    • You don't need to use both Offer Made is not null and Offer Made = Yes, if Offer Made = Yes that would imply it is not null.


    I'm not sure if it'll give you what you're looking for but this is how you can have that beastmode be valid

    WHEN `Offer Made` = 'Yes' THEN 1
    ELSE 0
  • Thank you!  That worked perfectly.  Much appreciated.