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I am trying to create a pivot table displaying QoQ and YoY revenue growth over the span of 6 quarters by product, but I am having difficulties building out the proper beastmode to show every quarter simulateanously. I have tried to use some suggested formulas (example: but it will not work for the previous quarters. Would anyone have any suggestions as to where I should start? 

For the purpose of clarifying what I would like to design, I built out a simplistic practice pivot table attached below. Fairly new to the DOMO community, any help would be appreciated. 



DOMO Practice Pivot Table.png

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    This is another case where it might be best to understande the question being asked rather than just the report being requested.


    If you need to have the data displayed in a pivot table as you posted, then I do think you will need to make the calculations in a dataflow environment before building your card.


    However, have you looked at the Period over Period chart options?  


    You could also get close using a flex table:flex.png



  • I think you will need to calculate your YoY and QoQ values in a dataflow.  Let me know if you prefer to use MySQL dataflows or ETL and I can try to walk you through the steps.


    Beastmode calculations are not able to look at multiple rows at a time (unless you are aggregating them, but then it can only look at one aggregate value at a time).  I'm assuming your dataset has a separate row of data for each quarter for each product.  If you ask the beastmode to look for Q1 2018, then it cannot also look for Q4 2017.


    Hope that makes sense.  The good news is you can calculate it in a dataflow.

  • Hello, apologies for the late response. 

    Although we would like to show the data through a pivot table view at some point, I think the flex table should work for what we are trying to accomplish at the moment. On your flex chart snapshot, how did you display the final three columns and calculations in your example? I am trying to go through the general chart properties, and I cannot seem to capture prior quarter values/QoQ % change. 

    Greatly appreciated, thank you!


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