How to move pages to a new section, without having to create all the cards again?

How do I move a page to a new section? Let's assume I have 4 pages, in the following hierarchy:


Category 1: Finance

Subpage 1.1: Account Recievables

Subpage 1.2: Inventory


Category 2: Sales

Subpage 2.1: Revenue

Subpage 2.2: Cost of Goods Sold


I want to move 1.1: Inventory under Category 2: Sales. 


For now, I have to recreate a whole new page under Sales (even the cards). Because if I use the same cards from the Inventory page in the new page, and then delete the inventory page, it will also delete all the cards linked to the old page. 

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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    Accepted Answer

    You can move this through the admin section. Go to Admin - Pages and then click on the checkmark next to the page you want to move. Then, over on the right, click on Edit and choose Move Pages. You'll be able to make it a top level page or make it a sublevel page underneath another page (which it sounds like what you want to do). You can also determine how you want to handle the permissions on that page and keep the permissions that you already have in place or inherit the permissions from the top level page.

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