Is it possible to pass custom parameters to a card and merge them into a report?

Let's say I had a report that had external links, but I wanted to pass in a custom parameter based on the viewer and built it into the link on the fly, is that possible?


For example if I had my domo card showing a table and there was a column that linked out to an external site, but I wanted to pass a UTM code that I added to the embed URL, would that be possible.


  • Basically - if I could grab a URL parameter is use it to concatenate in beast mode - we'd be set.

  • GrantSmith
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    Typically to parameterize something like this you'd have a web form input with the parameter you want to use and in your case use PDP to filter the rows. You'd then add a join column as a constant in your ETL and set it to 1 on this web form and your input dataset and join them together on this column.  Then if you need to update the parameter and then just change it in the web form.

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    @GrantSmith  you forgot to link the video!



    @user052485 this is the design pattern Grant was referring to.


  • GrantSmith
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    Thanks @jaeW_at_Onyx . I was looking for it last night on mobile but couldn't find it.


    @user052485 - You can refer to Jae's video for a visual representation of what I was talking about.

  • Hi @GrantSmith  @jaeW_at_Onyx 


    Is there a way to change the parameter within the card instead of going into webform? In my previous role using Tableau, I could pass a parameter in the screen as attached (ex - change on time shipment definition from 4 days early - 0 days late to something else).






  • GrantSmith
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    Currently no, Fusion / View + Web Form is the best option we have right now even though the usability is a bit lacking.

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