Dynamic Report Scheduling

Is there a way to email a report to users using a variable and/or filter so they only see the content relevant for them?  For example, email the report with the "Indiana" selected as the State to Jane and "Illinois" selected as the State to John and so on and so forth...

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  • GrantSmith
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    If you want to utilize PDP then yes. Those users would need to have a Domo license. The other, not as clean option would be to create separate filtered cards with the view you want users to have and then schedule the report to email an email address which shouldn't require them to have a license but will be very difficult to maintain the different filters and versions of the cards.


  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🥷

    Hi @user045611 


    If you only want users to have access to specific records within your data you'd want to look into PDP. This would allow the scheduled reports being sent to those people so they'd only have that information a part of the report. Again, this is assuming Jane should only be able to see Indiana data and John only see Illinois and they don't need access to the other states.

  • Thanks for the response.  So in your solution, the person receiving the report would need to have a DOMO license?

  • I want the report/Excel attached to only show yesterday's timestamped records.  I set that filter in the card and it works but the report I receive includes all records.  Is there a way to have the report only show records in a filtered date range?