Need variable past/future daily date range with ability for user to adjust

I have a number of cards where I need to present daily data with a range of past and future dates.  I've found that I can easily fix the date range, and this then still gives users the ability to modify the dates when using the card.  This last part is where I am having trouble, as I know I can use a beast mode to create a rolling past/future date range (see example below), but when I do that, it eliminates the ability for a user to then make adjustments to view dates outside of that range.  

/*Plus/Minus 60 days*/


else 'Exclude'



When the dates needed are all historical or all future, the ability to modify by a user still exists.  It's only when it includes the past and the future that I run into this difficulty.  

Thanks for any help you can provide!


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    I've done a tutorial video on this topic here.


    Good luck!

  • Thanks Jae - I took a look at the video and it presents some great information!  If I've understood correctly though, it seems as if a user would have to adjust the webform to the dates they want, as opposed to using the dates in the card itself.  We have many users using these cards at the same time, so I would think that would cause some difficulty with multiple users adjusting the webform.  Please let me know if I missed something.  I really appreciate your reply as it's definitely heading in the right direction.  I'm wondering if a page filter could impact the webform field(s), and then the associated card...

    Thank you!

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    You could build a custom app that gives the desired experience... but that would require building a custom app.

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