Stop a Dataflow That is Running

As you can see from the screenshot I have a dataflow that has been running for 16h+. Nothing in it is that advanced so I'm not sure why it has been going for this long but either way I want to make a change and rerun it (put it back to the version that took 4 minutes to run) but I can't find a way to stop it. I set the old version to be the current one, but this continues to run.





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    When you're in the dataflow, if you click the wrench in the top right, you should have an option to "Cancel". This will stop the execution and allow you to change the version before rerunning.


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  • Guess I should have drank my coffee before posting this. Don't know how I didn't realize that....

  • I actually don't see a ranch in my dataflow. Guess they removed it?

  • @leeloo_dallas The wrench icon has been replaced with the "three dots" icon in the top-right corner. You can find the option to cancel in there.