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Your unbiased feedback helps us continually improve and allows your peers to make informed software decisions. For a limited time, we would like to offer you 10 points if you leave us a review on Gartner Peer Insights. You’ll also earn an exclusive Reviewer’s Badge and increase your belt rank! Please be thorough in your response. 

Things to keep in mind:  

  • Reviews are anonymous: Your name and company will be private. Only identifying details displayed will be role, industry and organization size.  
  • Use your corporate email or login through LinkedIn as personal emails are not accepted by Gartner Peer Insights.   
  • Keep in mind that on average it takes 8-10 minutes to properly write the review.  
  • All submissions are reviewed by Gartner to ensure validity and to maintain the integrity of the forum. 
  • Click “DONE” when finished and comment on this post "Done" to earn your badge! 

About Gartner Peer Insights:  

Gartner Peer Insights is an online ratings and reviews platform for enterprise IT software and services. The reviews are written and read by IT professionals and technology decision-makers like you.  

Thank you for being a part of our community! 

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To get the exclusive Gartner Survey 2021 badge, leave a review and comment on this post. 👇🏼