Align headers to bottom

Is there a way to have the column headers positioned at the bottom of their cells?



  • amehdad
    amehdad 🟒

    Hi @User_32265, the only changes you can make around header positioning for this chart option are:

    • Header Alignment 'Centre'
    • Header Row Font Size to something smaller to reduce the empty spaces below your current headers

    Alternatively, you can switch your chart to 'HTML Table' as the headers for this particular table type are evenly distributed.

  • amehdad
    amehdad 🟒

    Hi @User_32265, how did you go with this?Β 

  • User_32265
    User_32265 βšͺ️

    Thank you, I guess I'm still disappointed that Domo can't offer a more aesthetic table... I can actually make it look nicer in Data Studio.

  • MarkSnodgrass
    MarkSnodgrass Portland, Oregon 🟀

    I agree that this should be an option. In your column label, you can add a \\n to force a new line between words. Not sure that will help you get your text consistently aligned, but thought I would point it out as it is not well documented.