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I am a reporting analyst who currently maintains report cards for various departments in my company.  Among those reports is a report card with half a dozen kpi for agents.  I saw the report card building feature in the data visualization boot camp at domopalooza, but I haven't been able to see that or use that in company's instance. How do I go about building a good report card for my company's departments?

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    I think this would come out really nicely if you built this as a Report Card Dashboard instead of trying to build it into a single card.  i would recommend using the various gauges and dials for the Target versus Actual and Team Rankings. You could then use analyzer to filter the dashboard for specific team members.  


    If you must have a spreadsheet look and feel you can use Sumo.


  • Can you provide a sample visual of the report that you maintain? (excluding any sensitive information)

  • Agent Report Card Sample.JPG


    The above is an example of the report card I maintain in excel at present, and there is one for each agent, connected, of course, to data that is also maintained on Domo as well as in giant excel files.

  • I think I had seen a report card dashboard for it in the boot camp towards the end of the class, but it was so quickly done that I didn't see where to locate it so that I could build it the way I saw it.

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    Was wondering where do i find report cards in DOMO? I am new user and cant seem to locate?





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