Participant Access in Projects and Tasks

I would like to be able to assign a task or project to a group, rather than just individuals.  


  • Is there a group account for the project taskforce that you had in mind?

  • Yes but it does not show up in the use list for assignment.
  • There are at least a couple ways you could do this.  For one, I assume that you have created the three groups you have in mind and shared the pages you want them to work on.  Doing so you can choose which people have access to which information.  However, if you want to assign cards/pages to work on for a particular project team, it would be useful to have a particular group e-mail address assigned for that group.  This would create three additional Domo logins required for the group that you would have to manage, but it is the only way I know of that you could assign a project to an entire group rather than to an individual, unless you use domo chat to communicate with the group to a high degree.  Hopefully at least one of these ideas is workable for you.

  • @mcoblentz, did nalbright's reply help address your issue?

  • Hi @mcoblentz, we have this as an item on our roadmap for Projects and Tasks. If you're interested, I'd love to understand how you're using Projects and Tasks a little more so we can build in any other additional features that you need. PM me if you'd be open to have a quick call to get your feedback on the product ?