How to use ODBC connect to DynamoDB?


I'm Raj. Need some advice here.


My objective is connect Dynamo DB from DOMO.


I'm using CData Dynamo DB ODBC driver to connect with DynamoDB.

How I can configure this in DOMO Workbench ODBC configuration?





  • If you have trouble with this wth the latest version of Workbench, try Workbench V2. 


    As long as you can create an ODBC DSN entry on the machine you're running workbench on, I think you should be able to connect. I haven't tried DynamoDB specifically, but i haven't had any issues connecting to any system using a DSN entry. 


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. 

    I managed to connect to DynamoDb with the ODBC.

    Now I wanted to configure DOMO DataSet in DOMO Workbench job's "DataSet Setting" section.


    What connector I have to use to create DataSet in DOMO so that I can run the schedule in DOMO Workbench to export data to DOMO?

  • @EruthiaRaj, did Godzilla's reply help you out?

  • Raj,


    You should be able to use the ODBC option in Domo Workbench. This would not be something that is set up 'in Domo Web' rather it will all be configured in Workbench.


    Were you able to get this working? I see it has been awhile since you made the comment, do you still have questions?

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