Data Center Dataset

I'd like a dataset(s) that provides all the info on what's going on in my instance.  Here is a list of the cards I'd like to build.


  1. Card view trending.
    1. Requirements: Card views over time. Dataset: CardName, CardCreateDate, DataSourceName, AccessDatetime, AccessUser
  2. Dataset utilization.
    1. Requirements: Datasets and the ones they link to.  Dataset: DatasetName, DatasetType, DatasetCreationDate, UtilizedByDatasetName(NULL)
  3. Dataset access for data upload frequency evaluation, transition or deletion.
    1. Being able to do a Dataflow leveraging both sets above would allow me to determine which datasets I can keep, delete or transition to another datasource based on what they're powering.


*Now if the visualization was enabled as described here, it would make it all the more incredible.

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  • Vote this up!!  Can you image being able to administer you instance like this!?  Cool.

  • Thank you for submitting this idea. I am assigning to our product manager @alexpeay for review.

  • It's funny.  I went to DP16 this year and it turns out you already have some of this.  I've got card usage turned on in my instanace now, but am still interested in additional metrics which this set would provide.

  • Alex Peay
    Product Manager
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