Domo DataSet - Map DECIMAL field from Workbench

I seem to consistently have problems with Workbench Job-sourced DataSets when they decide that a column has Data Type "DECIMAL" (as communicated by the workbench job's schema display). When the DataSet shows up in the web view, these columns are not sorted to the number category. They are sorted to the text category. In views where the web UI gives me a column type label, that label is empty. This limits what I can do with those columns in cards until I correct the type mapping issue.

On the other hand, if the workbench believes that the column is a "Double" in the job's schema view, then the column gets correctly mapped to a number in the web view of the resulting DataSet. I don't know if the issue is that the server's view lacks a logical mapping of the incoming DECIMAL type, but it would be nice if those columns were treated as numbers on the web side of things. As it stands, I have to go massage the Workbench job's schema and re-export things to get the final column type mapped correctly.

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