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Occasionally for maintenance reasons, I want to take cards on an existing DataSet and migrate them to another similar DataSet with more columns/a better ETL process/etc. However, by changing the DataSet, I usually break the column references and have to go reconfigure everything manually again.


In cases where I am simply expanding the available column set and not removing any logical columns, it would be really cool if the card editor would provide me the opportunity to define columns on the new data source that are the same as the columns being referenced on the old data source. (This is especially useful for migrating between DataFusions since they all prefix the column names, which increases the likelihood that a column is logically the same while existing as a different alias.)

Bonus pie in the sky idea - Imagine if this feature existed and it was possible to take all/some of the cards attached to a given data source and migrate them to another one while allowing the card editor to define the logical mapping of the total set of columns actually used across them all. There are probably some users out there with tons of cards that would be very happy if that was possible.

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