Product Enhancement when Exporting

Current State:

You export a card to excel and have to save to a file location. Then open the file. There is no option to save the file or open the application.


Future State:

You export a card to excel, There are two icons. One to export the card to a file as it currently does. The other to open the Excel program with the card content.


Many times when in the process of building cards, I just want to quickly dump the card information to Excel to review the data as it is easier then viewing it in DOMO. I end up with many files on my desktop that I have to clean up and put in the trash. 


Thanks for your consideration with this enhancement.

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  • Godzilla
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    This might be due to settings on your machine. On IE, when i export to excel, it behaves as you desribed in your future state. On Chrome, it allows me to open the file without having to save. 

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