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Allow beast mode date calculations to be used in the date range field, otherwise, it makes it difficult to use combine some data in useful ways if we can't manipulate the dates for the date range field. 

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea @bradsafeguard.  I am assigning this to our product manager @ckwright for review.

  • This is huge - exactly what we need, in order to display two different sets of data to be represented with two lines on a graph.


    Currently both fields that I want to represent are both date fields, and thus are restricted by the Date Range Field that I choose - which means at least one of the fields won't be represented correctly.

  • Yea, really need this.

    I'm converting my text date into a date field using Beast Mode.... but cannot use it as assigned Date Field.

    Now I need to convert my text date to Date Field in Excel as ETL does not provide the ability either. very restrictive. Please progress this excellent functional addition to our cards.



  • @btm@ckwright


    Can we get an update on this idea?




  • @brandonmoss@ckwright


    any updates on this??? Please we need this too... Thanks!

  • howdy,

    Though this request is still very valid, i worked around my problem by doing the date calculation in a Magic Transform SQL. My problem was that my date was text comprising of either 7 or 8 chars, in BeastMode I could transform the text to a valid date, but could not use it as the Date Field in the card. Using the MT SQL the new dataset had a correctly formed date which I could use naturally on the cards. Maybe this solution can help here to work around the issue until we can use BM dates as default date fields on cards.




  • @Kurbz


    This is great feedback! Could you share an example of what that may look like so others can benefit from it. The product team will continue to investigate this idea request.



  • Hi DaniBoy,


    I created a My SQL Dataflow, I selected my CSV datasource which had my string date.

    Within the SQL Dataflow I preformed a transform on the datasource as follows.


    select *,
    case length(date)
    when 7 then str_to_date(concat('0',date), '%d%m%Y')
    when 8 then str_to_date(date, '%d%m%Y')
    else null
    end as _date
    from my_csv_dataset


    Hey presto, I now have a dataset with a correctly form date i can use in my cards.

    So instead of using BeastMode to convert string to date and not being able to use it as the natural default date on cards, we can take a step back and use SQL Transform to create a date that is usable in cards.


    hope this helps some folks.




  • @DaniBoy I don't see how this is a workaround for most needs for this feature.  Would you agree, and are you guys still discussing whether to put this on the roadmap?




  • @scottedwards200


    The status of the original idea is still under review.


    @btm @ckwright


    Can you guys provide an update on the original idea.


    @Kurbz Thank you for sharing your approach here as well which some may find beneficial.

  • howdy folks,

    would still like to see this feature happen. just experianced this restriction again today.

    hope the progress is going well.



  • This would be very very helpful! 

  • @ckwright are you still the owner for this one? If so please update.


  • Is there any news about this?


    I think I am facing an issue strictly connected with this:

    - I have a card with a bar chart, where I need to highlight the current and last week by colour,

    thing that I am achieving with a beast mode.

    The problem is that when I am navigating the card by changing the date range or the aggregation level (i.e. switching from graph by week to month) I don't want the rule to apply (see the screenshot attached).


    Is there a way to get this parameter in a beast mode?

    Or is there any way or workaround to handle this?


    Is there a way to get this parameter in a beast mode?

    Or is there any way or workaround to handle this?

    (Should I create a different thread about this?)


    Thank you very much,




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