Copy/Duplicate Page and its Content

Not sure if this is already a feature 

It would be nice to be able to duplicate an entire page and its content, renaming everything as duplicate


This will be very helpful in cases we need a page with similar content but the filters inside the charts are different (so - the analyzer is not really the answer)


But if there are workarounds on this, i'd be glad to hear them!



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  • +1 on this. Totally agree! It would also be great to expand this feature to enable the copying of all cards associated with a dataset into another dataset (assuming field names/content is the same structure). This would be similar to the function that allows an admin to switch cards from one dataset to another.


    Need to make sure that the cards fall under the same pages/subpages as opposed to duplicating cards.


    Side note: One point of buggyness I've noticed with the card dataset function is that duplicate beastmode calculations seem to be created during a complete card transfer.

  • Thank you for submitting this idea. I am assigning this to our product manager @StevenC for review

  • This is definitely a hot topic @newbie, thanks for the feedback! We've created a ticket DOMO-6679 for our engineering team to review the possibilities of this.

  • @michael-masone thank you for your feedback as well! Are you thinking of copying the cards on a dataset on the admin level? What's your use case? So I can get a better idea of what you're wanting.

  • @michaelf I would say via both DataSet and Admin level.


    From the DataSet perspective, there are two options at the top of the card tab: "Switch cards to a different DataSet" and "Add Card". I'm recommending the addition of "Copy cards to another DataSet".


    From the Pages section of the Admin screen, there's a "Cards on this page" area. I would add that same "Copy cards to another DataSet" feature next to "+ Add Card".


    Obviously, this feature assumes the other DataSet has the same fields as the current one.

  • Thanks for clarifying that @michael-masone! We've created internal ticket DOMO-69646 to review this recommendation and see what we can do. Thanks for the feedback and please post any thoughts you may have of ways to improve features like the admin page or anything else you use.

  • @newbie and @michael-masone we haven't forgotten about you guys or all your upvotes. We're currently working on this feature now, just wanted to send a quick update!

  • cool! i hope they will be released soon ?

  • The ability to clone/copy an existing page with all of its cards, collections and layout settings would be a huge time saver. Maybe even the ability to take a given page and set it as a TEMPLATE and then use the template to support a new page. My specific use case is that I create a page with all of the various cards, collections and layout preferences and once it's the way I like it; I could then replicate this across multiple pages; at that point all I would have to do is update the data sets so the specific data from that data set is applied to the new pages.

  • Thanks for the feedback @JoSaCh, we are currently working on developing this capability and hope it does save you lots of time once we complete it and can get it out to you.

  • The original idea is located here so we can add the votes to the original one.

  • This would require the duplication of the page, the cards, AND the collection which is important to avoid reorganization over and over. 


    Currently however, Domo Support can provide this functionality on a one-off basis, as I have someone who duplicated pages with cards and collections (which was my biggest issue) by doing something on the back end which is not available as a client facing feature for us currently. 

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