Heatmapping by values per column

I have noticed in the Heatmap cards, the highest number in the card is given the darkest hue (and the lowest number is the lightest).  When you have a card with one extremely high value (and all other values are very low), it renders all the other numbers opaque.


Can there be an enhancement where the user is given the option to heatmap by column (i.e., the highest number in the column gets the darkest hue, and the lowest number in the column gets the lightest hue)?


Can there also be the option to reverse the heatmap (i.e., the lowest value is the darkest, highest is lightest etc.)?



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  • Agreed! I'd love to be able to highlight negative numbers with intuitive color scales


  • Thank you for submitting this idea @dcambria and for the additional feedback @SamEich.  I am assigning this to our product manager @Gavatar for review.

  • Wonderful, thanks @product_John!  Another great idea for the Heatmap Table (not necessarily related), would be to freeze frame the header row (like the new feature in regular Table cards).

  • Yes - those are relatively easy options to add and giving you the control makes a lot of sense. We will try and add these to our big fall release.


  • I don't see where there has been any updates to this. I also would like to be able to do a heatmap where the color ranges are applied from within a column. This seems to be a simple enhancement and one can easily do this in Excel. Ironically, this feature is actually keeping one of our customers from using Domo. Please add the ability to heatmap by column (and row). Thanks!

  • As a follow-up, this needs to be added to the HEATMAP card function and not just heatmap table as we need to present the data along an X and Y axis.

  • Having a heatmap that is only one direction is really only half the solution. Looking forward to being able reverse and go low to high on a per column basis

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