Page and card background image/color

I'd like to be able to add a background image to a card or page, to enhance it's visual appeal.  For organization sake, the image selection field could be located next to the card name which would provide an appropriate location.


For this to work properly, the framework of the chart would have to be selectable, i.e., instead of black graph lines, I would be able to select white inside the chart properties.  Clear would also be a must have so the back ground image would come through the chart as well.


Images should do one of two things when re-sized based on the card visualizations or a full screen view.  1) Scale.  Filling to width or height depending on the size/shape/ratio of the image.  2) Allow for image section select, e.g., I'd like to select the face of a person in the image, instead of seeing only someone's forehead because picture orentation only allows for the top left corner of the image in a small/medium size card view from a dashboard.


Collections should allow for their own image back ground as well.  This will further reinforce the story telling aspect collections do so well already. 


If you're going to allow image backgrounds, you might as well implement color selection backgrounds, since I could do this with an image anyway.  Plus storing a color would take up a lot less space than an image and probably not slow page/card load times based on image retreival/rendering.


As examples:

1) I'd like to have one page dedicated to rainbows and stylize each card with a different color R-O-Y-G-B-I-V and back ground the rainbow page with a beautiful waterfall.

2) While trending the success of the top 3 French Formula1 race car drivers I'd like to background the page with a few cars and color each racer's card, one color of the French Nation's flag.

3) Ok, fine.  I might want to show a picture of our production environment and smiling team members and overlay that with kpi cards that show the value of the product their dedication and persistance has created; thereby connecting the results with the human element for multiple layers of managment.

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea. I am assigning to our product manager @StevenC for review.

  • Thanks John!  I think this idea strikes a balance between the Illustrator addin and the basic site which allows for a level of stylization/customization, without being overwhelming to implement.

  • Hi @tc! Thanks for the feedback and detailed use cases! We've created internal ticket DOMO-70094 to review the possibilities of your suggestion. 

  •  Just came across this Dojo request and I think this would be super useful for my organization as well (especially with the report scheduler). I would love to put the logos of the different companies we work embedded within Single Value cards (or in the upper right corner of any card, really). Additionally, if we could include images in a scheduled report somewhere that would be phenomenal as well.


    Any chance this is something already in queue? If so, any ETA on the ability to add images?

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