Copy Cards by reference

Here's an idea that would be VERY useful: Copy Cards by reference.


Copying a card by reference would enable copying a card but as a reference from the original card, meaning a change on the original card would update both cards automatically.

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  • tc
    tc 🟡

    This is already a feature!! Unless I don't understand your idea?  Allow me to explain...



    Under "Card Options" Card Options.PNG list there is are the following options.



    Which creates a new card independent from the original and can be edited without affecting the original card.



    Move / Copy...

    Which moves the original card OR displays the original card in multiple locations.  Regardless of the location you choose to edit, the changes will be made in the other location(s) because... it's the same card! ?




    See, it's simple to start typing the location of the card and select any number of copy locations.





    *The only thing to remember if you're using more than one tab on your browser wtih original card copies is; you'll need to refresh the tab of any cards where the change did not occur in order to see the change appear.  That or navigate away and back to the page to see the update across any number of card locaitons.



    Incidentally, that's why if you choose "Remove..." you get the following message.



  • Wow you're correct! I made sure to search and test the Move/Copy before creating this post but apparently I was using it wrong.


    Thanks for the answer! Maybe making this more obvious/clear could help other users as well. Can we close this idea then?

  • tc
    tc 🟡

    I believe so.  Just mark my reply as a solution.  I think that closes it out.

  • Just to add some extra insight -- when you duplicate from an original card, it creates a wholly separate card. So if you changed a label on the original card to go from Number to Currency, it wouldn't also update on the duplicated second card.


    When you copy a card, it just places an exact carbon copy in another location, so you couldn't change a filter on the backend from Product A to Product B -- it would change both. 


    Domo does not currently allow you to make a change that impacts two separate cards with separate ID #s, even if they look identical and are essentially the same but for some filtered criteria.

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  • Archiving this submission - already a feature.  Thank you @tc for the detailed information and for helping out!


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