Change derived formulas if original formula changes


I have a formula which is applied to dataset and is used to create other formulas as well.


If I change the original formula, I would like that change to be done in all other derived forumulas from the original one.


Right now, I have to do the same change to all other derived formulas as well.

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  • Totally agree. I was about to post this myself.
    I find this quite annoying. I use the same beast mode in tens of cards and it is a pain when I realize I need to make some changes in all the calculations.


  • Thank you for submitting this idea @gaurav007.  I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright for review.

  • Thanks @product_John

    @ckwright Just take a look at how Tableau does it for inspiration.

  • @gaurav007 Thanks for the feedback. Yes, this would make managing beast modes much more efficient. We are looking at different options for managing beast modes. This will be part of that experience

  • @ckwright Is there any update regarding this topic? I just lost half an hour Today because Domo does not have this feature, and I will have to spend even more time every time I make any small changes to my calculations.

  • @btm Is the above idea a duplicate of this one?



    If so we should mark this as a duplicate and tranfer the votes to the other with these comments.


    I can assist on the latter.



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  • btm



    @DaniBoy - Yes these duplicate each other.

    I'll mark the other idea as a duplicate since it is more recent.  





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