Dojo Ideas Exchange - Provide autosuggest for tag entry

Right now if I want to throw my support behind an existing relevant user tag I have to load the tags in a separate window and scan them for the topic I'm talking about. There are numerous duplicate tags from various stemmings of the conceptual labels out there.


The autosuggest for Subject and Idea Labels do a good job of guiding me towards a canonical tag string. It would be beneficial to the community if Idea Tags provided a suggestion list the way Idea Labels work.

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  • Hey, 

    I like this, I'd prefer to see a Domo owned predefined Idea Category and Sub Category, then user tags.



    Idea Categories:



    Sub Cats:





    after which the user can add their own tags, and others can add even more tags.



  • Thank you for submitting this @cr1ckt. Adding @josephvargo to review and comment on thoughts to add tag suggestions in Dojo Ideas.

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