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The App Store has hundreds of apps, but it's impossible to comprehend this huge catalog at present because you can only view it either alphabetically or by rating. How are supposed to know that there might be an app down in the M's or T's that's really interesting for your business? Sure, there's a search, but that assumes you know what search terms will turn up useful not to mention surprising discoveries. We need some way(s) to narrow the display to more digestible chunks.


It should be something as simple as the taxonomy on the iTunes App Store (Productivity, Games, etc.). Not that exact taxonomy, but something of that sort -- in addition to alphabetical and rating. Treat it as a store, which means providing "departments" as well as search and sorting tools (sort by alpha, sort by rating, sort by newest...).

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  •  I think they already have what you are looking for. If you click the drop down arrow next to the search box you can see apps by Industry, Role, Department, and Activity. 



  • Ah! Interesting that that didn't occur to me -- should it be more apparent than this?

  • I have found that when you use these filters to search in the app store, then go check out a resulting app, then go BACK to the app store, the page shows up unfiltered.


    So if I'm looking through Call Center reports but initially don't like what I clicked on, I have to cancel/go back to the main app store, then re-filter for Call Center.


    Would love the search parameters to stick when navigating in and out of the app store, at least within a single browser session.


    Also, I'm sure this will get fixed, but for now when I"m scrolling A-Z through the store UNFILTERED the list stops around letter H, so I haven't yet gotten to see what apps are available that are I-Z, unless I have seen them within filtered searches.

    Broadway + Data
  • Thank you for submitting this idea @RobynLinden. I am assigning to our product manager @Jamie_M for review.

  • This is great feedback and you have highlighted a few key areas that need some love and attention.   We have a couple of items in our priority list that will improve search for content when you might not know exactly what you are searchin for as well.   Also, the persistent search/filter criteria is a must.  Just because you view the details of an app and then go back to the Appstore page, shouldn't require you to enter your search/filter criteria again.  Again, thank you for your feedback.

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