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I am currently using ADFS 2.0 to power SSO for our Domo instance. I see a ton of value in the Org Chart features in Domo, but I currently have all of these reporting relationship information populated in Active Directory.  I'd really love to be able to push that information into Domo as a SAML claim to avoid having to rekey the data as Active Directory  will continue to be our system of record for reporting relationships.

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  • Nice! I love this feedback! We're reviewing this one and I'll keep this updated as we progress towards it. 


    Out of curiousity, what AD attribute would you expect to be able to pass? The ManagedBy attribute?

  • We are able to custom define attributes to pass back in ADFS.  The attribute we use in AD is 'manager'. I would have to test, but I would think it could pass the Full Name back to Domo for the reporting structure to be created.    

  • We need the same as well as adding information to the user account. Once the user is created, we would like to pass EmployeeId,cell phone, etc. 

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