Word Cloud - Specify Series to Control Word Color

It would be neat to be able to add a series column that splits words by colors, maybe with the option to cluster words of a similar color.

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea @cr1ckt.  Assignign to our product manager @Gavatar for review.

  • Fun idea. What are you looking for specifically? Do you want to specify a color value, color name, or just a grouping name?

  • I think it would make sense to be able to provide an unaggregated series value to split by, with the same per-series color configuration you get with the bar charts (I think a "grouping name" is what you called this).

    Additionally it might be nice to be able to check a box in the card configuration to group words of a similar color together in the cloud visualization (Maybe this should just be the default, but making the grouping optional would allow users to have it their way.)

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