On the All Badges Screen the Earned by # should be a link to review.

It would be great if the "Earned by #" text in each badge panel was a link to look at the list of those who have earned them.  I'd love to say congrats, gage myself against others and be able to follow promonent members in this way.



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  • @tc this a great idea. I will look in to seeing if we can create a bagdes leader board. I am also working on a belt leader board as well.


    We will also be broadening the number of badges you can earn very soon.


    Keep up the great comments!


  • tc
    tc 🟡

    @DaniBoy- That's awesome!  It would be great to share some commrodery and competition with other Dojo members.  I'll be excited to see what it looks like when it rolls out.  And excited about a new Idea Implemented badge off this one.  ?

  • This actually could be a great combo of Domo and the Dojo, as soon as I see a path forward to making this happen I will mark it as approved and then get you your ideation badge!


    Thanks @tc!!!

  • tc
    tc 🟡

    Freaking awesome!  Let me know what my schedule is at DP17 to present the Domo Dojo dataset.  ?  Everyone in attendance don't for get to send your "@Support please implement the Domo Dojo dataset in my instance." message when we're done with the presentation.

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