Ability to use existing cards when building an app in AI

Currently you have to rebuild a card as a widget when creating an app in Adobe Illustrator. It would be great to have ability to pull existing cards into a widget, so youdon't have to reinvetn the wheel.

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  • Thank you @SLaczny.  I am the product manager for this area and have this as part of our roadmap already.  


    A couple of questions for you:


    1.  Would you a linking widget be a good stop-gap solution for you?  In other words, a widget exists that allows you to link directly to that card?  It is obviously not a full solution since you are then losing the context of the other data sources for the App, but it would allow you to reference that informaiton directly in the App.

    2.  Our tool lives outside of Domo at this time (in Illustrator obviously).  Would you be more inclined to bring that card info into the design phase of building the app (in Illustrator) or would you rather upload the design to Domo and then apply the card?


    Really appreciate the feedback.  Any issue if I give you a call sometime to discuss your answers to the above?

  • John,


    Feel free to call. As for your questions, any solutions at this time would work. I get it that it's in AI at this time, so I'm not averse to using shortcuts untill it's fully integrated. I just hate doing stuff from scratch! ?

  • Sounds great - thank you again @SLaczny

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