Remove default column assignment when starting a new card

Currently, when you start creating a new card, Domo defaults to single bar chart and picks some variables it thinks most likely to be used. It's annoying, since usually those are not the one I need, so I have to delete the implied variables and put the ones I need.


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  • Perhaps this feature could be changed to a user-preference - lots of empty real-estate on the MySettings page.  As a new Domo user, i found this very helpful as it provided a bit of a roadmap in terms of what Domo was looking for.  But I see your side too, @SLaczny... once you're over that learning curve, it is an extra step to delete what's unnecessary.

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  • Great feedback @SLaczny as well as your follow-up @ckatzman. There certainly are many use cases when building a card. We certainly don't want to be in the way of you geting the most value out of the tools to build your cards. I am a product Manager here at Domo and will follow-up with the team who owns card builder with this feedback.


    - Cody

  • @ckatzman I see your point. I like your suggestion of having it as an option in setting.

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