Small Multiples (Significant Gap in Functionality compared to Tableau)

Domo needs to incorporate the ability to create small multiples charts. Tableau does this really well, and it's a siginificant gap in Domo's visualization functionality in my opinion.


The idea is that you can replicate the same chart for multiple categorical variables, either across a horizontal or vertical pane.


Here's how Small Multiples looks in Tableau. (If I were to try to recreate this in Domo, I'd have to manually add each of these charts individually and then manually change the variables, one chart at a time)

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 1.35.20 PM.png


I'm not saying that Domo copy Tableau here, but it would be extremely helpful if it offered similar functionality.

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  • I think that is possible using the App Builder.

  • That's a good idea @SLaczny

    I haven't tested out App Builder yet!

  • I've seen that in some of the demos shown at DP15. I am currntly attempting to build some of those kind of apps, with global filters that are triggered from any widget in the app (i.e. I can select a clinet on one chart and all other charts show data for that client).

  • Thank you for submitting this idea @srosen and I appreciate the additional comments @SLaczny.  I am the product manager for the Design Studio (new name for App Builder) and @SLaczny is correct, it can solve this use case for you with multiple visualizations in the same card.  You can go here for documentation, videos, and instructions for setting it up.


    As a quick overview, we have two tools available for different audiences.  One is an SDK for developers (web technologies such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript) that we call Dev Studio.  The other mentioned above is the Design Studio which is an add-on to Adobe Illustrator.


    If I can help in any way please let me know.  If needed, I can provide a brief demo.  



  • Marking as Implemented.  Please let me know if you'd like to continue pursuing this as a card feature instead of utilizing our App building tools.

  • Thanks, @product_John I actually would be interested in a brief demo of the App Building tools if you're available!

  • @srosen Can you reach out to your Account Executive so we can arrange the demo with the right folks?



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