Ability to reassign fields when changing datasets

Current state:when changing datasets, currently cards have to be rebuilt if the field names don't match.


Desired status: It would be nice to have an option to assign the old fields to the fields in the new datasets. I have a bunch of data fusion datasets that I would like to switch to data flow ones, but am not doing that because it would require changing all cards which use  those datasets.


Just to give it a bump: the OTHER company's product has that feature!Man Wink

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  • Thanks for submitting this @SLaczny.  I am assigning to our product managers @ckwright and @alexpeay since I believe this covers multiple areas of our product. 

  • @product_John You are correct. I believe this solution is similar to what you use in pre-built apps when you map data in the app to internal data.

  • @product_John This needs to be assigned to Alex Peay. Thanks! 

  • @SLaczny Looking for some clarification. Are you requesting that when you're in Card Builder or Card Details and when changing a Data Set to a new one, you want to rename a column in the new Data Set to match to the old Column Data Set so the card updates? 

  • @ckwright


    You are correct. For example, I have a whole bunch of cards that use data fusion sets. I would like to get rid of data fusion sets anr replace them with a dat flow ones, but due to the different naming convention for each of those (data fusion uses file name in the field name) I get a message that the fields don't match, whereas they are exactly the same on both files, just different names. Does that make sense?

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