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Context: This graph aims to show the number of tickets sold for our business at each hour of the current day. The data updates every 10 minutes. There is data associated with every minute of the day.


Problem: During the first couple of hours of the day, even though I have the "Card Date Range" set to 
"Today" and "Graph by" set to "Hour", the graph lumps all tickets into the hour, but there is an interval of 5 minutes between each hour (the intervals then become 1 hour as more data flows in and we have a 8am, 9am, 10am, and 11am for example).


Question: How do I make the axis only show intervals of 1 hour, even if there are only 2-3 hours available that day? OR how do I make the graph ALWAYS show 6am - 10pm even if there is no data in the later hours just yet?


I've tried toying around with X axis interval but can't seem to get it to understand the "1 hour interval". 


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    I've ran into this before and what i had to do was include the the hours in the data source with 0 orders. For example: if you have orders in the 9,10,11,12 oclock hours but want to also show 8 am (where there are no orders), you will have to add a record in your data set with that date/time with 0 orders.

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  • I will try that, Thank you so much @Godzilla


    If someone knows how to quick fix this issue by making the intervals 1 hour, please let me know!

  • @lindalailai, please keep us updated if it works for you ? If Godzilla's reponse did the trick, please select "Accept as solution."

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